Pregnancy Cravings

Since my wife became pregnant, I’ve been looking up lots of information about what we can expect, and one of the things that I’m fascinated by is pregnancy cravings. Although I knew that they existed, I’d never really thought about them until now but as they’re becoming more likely to affect my life, I’ve been frantically reading up about why they happen.

pregnant woman holding a cupcake

My mother told me that she had some very strange cravings when she was pregnant with me – in fact, she was obsessed with the smell of washing detergent and used to put her head into the washing machine after every cycle to sniff the aroma! My sister said that she realized she was obsessed with the smell of sawdust and used to hang out in her husband’s workshop every time he was cutting a piece of wood so she could breathe in the air!

According to my research, food cravings usually reach their peak during the 2nd trimester, and they are caused by pregnancy hormones, changes to the smell and taste receptors and crossed nutrition signals that mean that the body cannot interpret reliably its internal signals. Some of it may also be to do with the need to eat comfort food.

Apparently, there isn’t really much that a woman can do about fighting pregnancy cravings, but of course, if she wants to eat something that isn’t actually food she needs to find a way around the problem! It’s also important for me to help my wife to avoid going mad with fattening and unhealthy foods like chocolate and cake, so I’ll have to make sure she only has small portions if she starts having cravings for sugary treats!

One way of distracting her is supposed to be to take her out of the house or to go somewhere exciting like the theater or the movies so that she won’t overeat as eating for two is no longer recommended. I also read that if a woman craves sweets and dairy products, we should stock up on fruit and yogurt so that she had to get the tastes she’s looking for without the extra fat and calories. I don’t think she’d ever forgive me if she gave birth and then found that she was the size of a small house because of indulging unhealthy cravings!

fruits on yogurt

Although my wife hasn’t experienced any cravings yet in her pregnancy, I’m just waiting for them to kick in. I really hope that she doesn’t develop fixations with any of the foods that I really hate. I hear that pickles are one of the more common cravings and I really can’t stand their smell, so I really hope that they aren’t her food of choice! I really don’t think I could be very supportive if she’s sitting there gobbling pickles out of the jar! It would be great if she developed cravings for food that I really enjoy, like Chinese takeout – that way we could have my favorite food every day of the week!

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